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Patty Velez (Martin)


Patricia Martin, sometimes known as Pepper and sometimes known as Patt, passed away on February 27, 2011.

Patt was so proud of her twin sons, and their families and didn't miss a chance to tell us about them and show us pictures. Patt was first and foremost a person dedicated to her whole family. After family, she was a good friend to so many in San Juan County.

Patt made many friends, from all walks of life, in the time she spent on San Juan Island. She will be greatly missed by all of us. - BW

Patt Martin

Former Co-worker; Forever Friend

For all she has done and how it got done her co-workers and other members of this community have much to be thankful for as well as much to miss in her passing.

Patt Martin served for twelve years (1998-2010) as the San Juan County Litter Program Coordinator. A program she single-handedly put together almost from scratch into a well-organized, coordinated and effective community service program. The service included: road side litter pick up, illegal dump site cleanup and beach cleanup. This work was done on county, state and federal lands, roads and beaches.

The work of picking up litter and cleaning up dump sites and beaches was done by the ecology summer youth crew, community service youth crew, volunteer groups and individual citizens. Along with planning and supervising the ecology summer and community service youth crews the program supported and assisted volunteers in the county such as the Trash Masters and Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor. Together, these efforts brought sixteen tons of litter to the county's solid waste facilities between July 2008 and February 2010.

The program's success was due, in part, to Patt's straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to carrying out her supervision and coordination roles – flavored with touches of humor. She really did care about and love the work she did for the community. This meant the work got done, people were kept safe and the volunteers felt appreciated. Also, over the past twelve years Patt has been a positive influence on the lives of several hundred local youth who served on the summer ecology and community service youth crews. She kept them safe from serious injury or accidents while working along the shoulders of our island roads and beaches. -Steve Alexander, Solid Waste Program Manager, March 2011

I remember Patt.

As she told it, she moved to San Juan Island with only a tent and what she could carry. She walked everywhere she needed to go, and although I don't know for sure, I felt she enjoyed the time it took getting where she wanted to go.

She played cards with, an elderly lady whom she shared a house with on Harrison Street.

Patt was very gracious, never exposing that she was well aware of this lady's sly dealings. Not enough could be said about what she was able to accomplish in her work with the County. She got it done.

I never knew her to indulge much, but every once in a while we would catch her walking to her tiny studio overlooking Friday Harbor with an ice cream candy bar in hand.

In passing on the street it was always the same genuinely enthusiastic, maybe with a little embellished surprise, "Oh Hi!". - Colin Huntemer

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